Basic Electronic Components:
2) Capacitors
4) Diodes
6)IC s(Integrated Circuits )

OK . these are the basic Components of the mobile phone or other electronic device or what ever .now we try to understand  how these components are working and what is the main task of these components .in here i should tell you these are the basic components.by using these items  we can create many electronic components and equipments  .ok  .
now  see the  our lesson 

 Resistor is use to control the voltage(V) and the current(I) in any  circuit .
in here i remember you again (V=IR )that is the formula  for finding Resistance at any point   without using Multimeter  .by using multimeter you can measure  this simply. now below see the resister.in here i am showing you only one resistor type.this type is  use only for the  manufacturing mobile device's circuits 

this resistor technology  is called SMT technology 
if you have any questions keep a comment .the other parts will see  on next post.

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