Lesson 1

How does a mobile phone work..........???

If you want to be a good technician, you must learn how does a mobile phone work till the beginning. 

Yes...!!! Now we'll see how we can get this step by step. I would like to say this is a funny lesson for me. 

Actually mobile phones are just like FM radios which we use in the domestics. :) 
But, mainly a mobile phone has two parts called Receiver and Developer

Receiver Part:- This part works like a domestic FM radio. That means, it catches the waves which are sent by a broadcasting tower.
Developer part:- It behaves like a broadcasting tower. This part convert our voice or video to micro wave and sent to another tower. 

I just simply explained the behavior of these two parts. Ok, I will explain every thing step by step through the future lessons. 
We do these things according to an idea of Mr. Graham-bell.      :D
The data of a mobile phones transfer as waves. I will make better  a post later. Because it is little bit different topic. It would be taught well.

A lot of  Data communications equipment can be connected through these waves. Then we call it "a Network". 

People use various kind of technical ways to connect these mobile phones and computers each other. 
Actually these things have been separated to several Generations. 

1). 2G
2). 3G

There are a lot of thins to explain you. But I stop now. Last, but not least I would like to tell you I'm ready to answer to your question relevant to this post. 

Then, See you again........ Another post is coming soon.............      :P

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